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Coffee Changers Membership

Bonaverde’s new green bean marketplace is evolving! As a CoffeeChangers member, you can now enjoy eternal coffee without the hassle of reordering and maintenance. And it’s all achieved by better harnessing our Coffee Cloud connectivity and coffee pouch RFID technologies to provide a more seamless roasting, grinding and brewing journey to prevent any interruption!

That’s more time spent actually enjoying fresh coffee, and less time spent worrying about arranging everything else! The Coffee Changer membership is all about improving that coffee drinking experience —  so it now guarantees you always have available coffee on hand, maintenance, airfilters, grinder cleaner, descaler, and even machine repairs all covered as part of the package, and it’s all in one easy to use spot. 

It’s a complete service, and the best part is it’s done automatically for you!

What do I get?


For €1000
1x Bonaverde Berlin:
The classic world-first all-in-one roast, grind & brew coffee maker


Complete With:

IoT — Chatbot (Ooooh! Is that Alexa coming soon?) use Messenger to schedule your brews in the future, educate yourself, or customise your favourite coffee roasting profile!
RFID scan field — There's a unique RFID on every individual pouch of green coffee. And it's now the foundation for making sure your stock is measured in order to automatically reorder.
Coffee Cloud Connectivity It's got 3G, so harness it, and let your machine tell the coffee cloud whether it's running low on green beans, and if it's time for your top up delivery of fresh green beans!
1x CoffeeChangers Membership:

Choose between:



Already have a machine? Perfect! You’re basically already up and running, you only have to upgrade by selecting just a standalone Coffee Changers membership.

Or if you already have a coffee subscription, learn how to transfer to an upgrade:



The Crux of It:

Coffee - Maintenance - Repairs

Smart Fulfilment of coffee — No-one likes running out of coffee! Unlike a subscription, with a membership you only pay for what you use. Coffee can now automatically reorder using our RFID-based stock management system. Regardless of whether you’re on a Small or an Large membership, when your coffee supplies run low your Berlin machine asks us to send you another fresh delivery package.
Maintenance Kits — These are great tools to ensure your coffee maker stays in tip-top shape until the end of time! With every 20 pouch reorder consignment of coffee you’ll also get a free Maintenance Kit; containing a replacement air filter, grinder cleaner and a machine de-scaler. Don’t worry instructions included!
Free Repairs we no longer require you to purchase ‘Repair Kits’ online too — as part of the service, if your machine ever does need some love and care beyond just running maintenance, the cost of the membership already includes any repairs required. Significantly reducing the turnaround time involved to get you back up and running to 5 days.


Interested in the change to the coffee industry this membership will make?

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